Epic Moto Adventures Await in 2024: BigBoy Evolves to Vietnam Biker Mates

Vietnam Biker Mates Leveled up to Vietnam Biker Mates
5 Jul

Epic Moto Adventures Await in 2024: BigBoy Evolves to Vietnam Biker Mates

Get ready to conquer the road with confidence, embrace the culture, and give back with every mile! We’re excited to announce that Vietnam Biker Mates is evolving into Vietnam Biker Mates, a brand that reflects our deeper commitment to epic moto adventures in Vietnam.


Our Inspiration: How Our Moto Adventures Began

I want to share what we’re focused on as we look to the new chapter — but first, let’s travel back in time to when we started this epic moto adventure with our biker mates. Remember that feeling of freedom on your first bike ride? We do too!

Back in 2014, we started Vietnam Biker Mates offering car tours of Vietnam’s highlights. It was a great experience, but a motorbike adventure in 2018 truly sparked a passion for something more. We ventured beyond the tourist trail, rumbling through remote villages and witnessing the incredible spirit of the Vietnamese people. Connecting with fellow riders and locals on two wheels created a unique bond you simply can’t experience from a car.

That’s when we discovered our true calling: Ride and Share.

Vietnam epic motor adventures - Vietnam biker mates and our riders paid a visit to poor household and children in mountainous areas

More Than Just A Guided Motorbike Tour Company: The Community For Epic Moto Adventures

We’ve ridden countless moto adventures with you, and one thing keeps coming up: the joy of connecting with fellow riders and the communities we meet along the way. This sense of connection is what makes the ride truly special, whether it’s a lifelong bond or forged over a few epic bends.

What this means for Vietnam Biker Mates?

We’ve recognized the need to evolve from a motorbike tour company to a community built around exploring Vietnam’s wonders on two wheels, while fostering connections with fellow riders and the local communities we encounter.

This spirit of brotherhood/sisterhood is what defines our journey, which is why BigBoy Getaway is transforming into Vietnam Biker Mates, a community built for Vietnam epic moto adventures.Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a wide-eyed beginner with a thirst for adventure, we welcome you with open arms to create memories that last a lifetime.

To fuel these epic adventures, we’re improved our safety resources, rider experience and level of authenticity.

Vietnam epic motor adventures - Vietnam Biker Mates and riders from all over the world

Vietnam epic motor adventures - Vietnam Biker Mates and riders from all over the world

g Gear in Styles: New Logo and Tagline for Epic Moto Adventures

Our new Vietnam Biker Mates’s logo, featuring a handshake, symbolizes the bonds formed between riders and the connections we foster with local communities. Our tagline, “Ride and Share,” goes beyond just riding. It’s about the love of epic moto adventure, the thrill of connection, and leaving a positive impact on the world we visit.

Vietnam epic motor adventures - new logo and tagline of Vietnam Biker Mates

The Heart of Vietnam Biker Mates: Your Epic Moto Adventure Awaits

Our new brand Vietnam Biker Mates revolves around two core areas: Focus on the Rider and Focus on the Company.

Focus on the Rider:

  • Safety First: We prioritize your health and well-being, implementing a comprehensive Safety Management Policy and Emergency Process.
  • Adventure Awaits: Embrace the spirit of exploration with our moto adventures designed for discovery and authenticity.
  • Empowering You: We equip riders with the knowledge and confidence to explore new cultures, connect with locals, and leave a positive impact on the world you visit.

Focus on the Company:

  • Excellence: We strive to deliver exceptional service and constantly push the limits of the riding experience.
  • Integrity: Honesty and transparency are at the core of all our interactions.
  • Passion: Fuelled by a genuine love for Vietnam moto adventure and sharing it with others.
  • Innovation: We continuously seek new ways to enhance motorbike touring in Vietnam.

Our Commitment to Your Epic Vietnam Moto Adventures

We’ve made significant progress in these areas in support of these key areas for your epic moto adventure, including:

Our Safety Management Policy

  • Safety Management Policy developed detailing the safety considerations and measures put into place for all tours.
  • Strong Emergency Process developed from years of experience.
  • Safety Handbook for Travellers to manage safety on moto adventures.
  • Guide briefing prio to tour departure to navigate the trip safely.

Our Service

  • A range of difficulty levels offered from beginners to experienced riders.
  • Lesser-known destinations, scenic backroads, and hidden gems.
  • Experienced and attentive tour guides who are trained to first aid and safety and wellbeing standards.
  • Local homestays to live with local families and experience daily life firsthand.
  • Engaging with local experts such as historians, artisans, or community leaders for in-depth insights.
  • Flexibility on the ground with 24/7 support via hotline- we don’t say no!

Vietnam epic motor adventures - our guide and riders visit caves in Quang Binh route

Our Bike 

  • High-quality in-house Honda and Yamaha bikes and equipment with regular maintenance to ensure a comfortable and safe riding experience during your Vietnam moto adventures.
  • Maintained by our own fully qualified mechanic.
  • Support vehicle for group of 5.

Vietnam epic motor adventures - Honda Dual Sports Honda Xr150l model 2019-2021, Honda crf150 model 2019, Yamaha WR model 2024, Honda crf250 date 2016-2017, Honda Crf300l model 2023, Honda cb500x model - 2020-2023

Our Community development projects

  • With every guest booking, we contribute $5 towards building toilets for a local school in need. This contribution helps address a critical sanitation issue, promoting hygiene and a healthier learning environment for students.
    • Improved Health and Hygiene: Proper sanitation facilities are essential for preventing the spread of diseases and promoting overall well-being.
    • Empowering Education: Adequate toilets encourage school attendance, especially for girls who might otherwise face challenges during their menstrual cycles.
    • Sustainable Impact: By investing in infrastructure, we contribute to the long-term health and education of local communities.
  • Transparency is key. We’ll keep you informed about the progress of our project, including the chosen schools and the impact of your participation.
  • Spreading Smiles with Soccer Balls: In addition to our school project, we also donate soccer balls to underprivileged families we encounter on our tours. A simple soccer ball can spark immense joy and encourage physical activity, especially for children in remote villages with limited resources.

By weaving these initiatives into the fabric of our tours, we create a more meaningful travel experience for everyone involved. You’ll not only discover Vietnam’s breathtaking landscapes and rich culture, but you’ll also play a role in making a positive difference in the lives of those we meet along the way.

Vietnam epic motor adventures - Our rider bring gifts for children in poor household in mountainous areas

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Ready For Epic Moto Adventures with Vietnam Biker Mates?

We invite you to join Vietnam Biker Mates on an epic moto adventures. Explore breathtaking landscapes, connect with locals, and make a difference, all while creating memories that will last a lifetime with Vietnam Biker Mates.


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